mardi 6 janvier 2009

On my screen this week

Metropolis of Fritz Lang. A fascinating visionary master piece. Loved it! Watching this movie is like having a futurist and fairy tale dream. There is beauty, chaos and madness at the same time.

Elegy of Isabel Coixet provides an incisive perspective of how a person's inability to believe in love destroys a single, fragile chance at happiness. Elegy is a beautiful adaptation of Philip Roth's novella, The Dying Animal. I have read the book two years ago and loved it. Director Isabel Coixet brings out the absolute best in her top-notch cast. Penelope Cruz is stunning as an unorthodox woman who knows what she wants (probably her best role since Volver) and Ben Kingsley gives a stellar performance as a solitary college professor.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona of Woody Allen was in contrary very disappointing. It is difficult to believe that the person who made this clueless movie also made Annie Hall, Radio Days and Bullets Over Broadway. Allen is so implacably detached from the lives of his characters that he neither makes them seem part of the real world nor creates a convincing imaginary world for them. The inexistant scenario doesn't help. Cristina (Scarlett) is a remarkably uninterested and uninteresting character, about whom we learn almost nothing except that she feels a fatuous longing to be free of American Puritanism and lead an artist's life. I almost fell asleep but Cruz insufflated some energy with her hysterical crisises.

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