jeudi 29 septembre 2011

New York I ♡ you #5

These are a few spots that I liked in New York & Brooklyn:

GROTTO • A super romantic Italian restaurant. We dined in the lovely backyard. Amazing risotto. Very good wine too. 100 Forsyth Street NYC
TARALUCCI & VINO • A nice bar/restaurant. Colombus Ave. NYC
JOE'S PIZZA • A grab-a-quick-slice joint. Light crispy crust. Carmine Street NYC

CUBANA SOCIAL • Very good sandwiches - 70 North 6th St Brooklyn
FIVE LEAVES • Cozy restaurant. The "Five Leaves burger" is delicious. 18 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn
CHAVELLA'S • Tasty Mexican food. We were lucky to have a table, it was really crowded. 732 Classon Ave. Brooklyn
THE BLUE STOVE • Super cozy bar where we had breakfast a couple of time, on the sunny bench outside. They have delicious orange zest scones! Friendly staff too. 415 Graham Ave. Brooklyn
VAN LEEUWEN • Probably the best cappucino and artisanal icecream ever. 632 Manhattan Ave. Brooklyn

Disappointed with...
Nice old-fashioned decor. The food was ok but I wasn't impressed, it was very simple, like sandwiches you make at home when you are in a rush. I had read great things, but it didn't live up to expectations. The crowd was exclusively hipster and when I looked to the staff I though the place should be renamed The Grumpy...

Cubana Social

Grotto and his memorable risotto.
All pics by me

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