mardi 12 juillet 2011

Food for Thought

(pic by me)

The Food for Thought's recipe book is the nice surprise I found in my mail box this morning (thank you love!). Since I enjoy cooking more and more lately, this new inspiration source is very welcome.
A good friend of mine recommended this place to me last time I went to London and ever since I can't wait to go back there. After experiencing their delicious and tasty dishes -all freshly prepared on the day- I could easily understand why this vegetarian restaurant, based in the heart of Covent Garden, exists for nearly 30 years. I warn you, it is very popular so quite crowded too. The tiny basement is packed with pine tables and stools, it is basic but very charming and cosy. Stop by if you go to London!

Food for Thought

31, Neal Street
Covent Garden

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