jeudi 29 juillet 2010

Portugal - Part III

A Brasileira is a nice café in the Chiado area. Late in the evening, the place is still crowded.

A Vida Portugesa is an incredible shop, a quiet bubble full of nice objects and delicate soaps. They also have one in Porto.

This is a great restaurant, beautiful interior design and delicious food!

The huge terasse of Portas do Sol offers a stunning view on Lisboa.

The best pastéis de nata ever are in there ! If you go to Lisboa one day, you HAVE TO stop by this place. They sell around 15.000 of those delicious cakes per day and 30.000 during the weekends. The record is 60.000 in one day!

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July Stars a dit…

Trop marrant, j'ai une copine qui a habite Lisbonne pendant deux ans et revenait toujours a Londres avec des boites de chez Pasteisde Belem pour tout le monde! Miam miam